Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The first issue of The Cthulhu Commune

Picked up 1,000 issues of the latest Lovecraftian fanzine, The Cthulhu Commune, from the printer today. In less than twelve hours, I'm heading up to Providence, Rhode Island, to attend NecronomiCon-Providence 2013, where the zine will be available for FREE at Mike Davis' Lovecraft eZine table.

This issue includes interviews with NecronomiCon organizer Niels Hobbs, Mike Davis of the Lovecraft eZine, and illustrator Michael Bukowski of Yog-Blogsoth. Also contributing an article on Lovecraftian roleplaying games is John Arendt of Dreams of the Lich House.

For those of you not able to make to journey to Providence this year, I hope to make a PDF version of Cthulhu Commune available, and if there are any print copies left, they will be offered, as well.
I'm already working on the art for the second issue, which, needless to say, will center on the events of  this year's NecronomiCon.

Stay tuned for updates and illustrations.