Sunday, March 9, 2014

HBO's True Detectives and the Mythos

A hybrid between my recent Medieval studies and The King in Yellow

For the past two months, HBO's new series True Detectives had fans of weird fiction excited and abuzz about references to Robert W. Chambers' The King in Yellow stories, and while I doubt The King will emerge from Carcosa as the serial murderer in tonight's final episode, there are two things of certainty: this show has piqued viewers interest in reading source material (and provoking people to read is always a good thing) and it has moved artists and writers in the Lovecraftian community to create new works based on The King in Yellow.

Illustrator Mike Bukowski told me that Google searches for "The King in Yellow" have become the second popular avenue to his site Yog-Blogsoth as people look for visual representations, and Cryptocurium's recent offering was the largest artifact they've produced to date.

April's issue of The Lovecraft eZine will be a King in Yellow special issue appropriately guest-edited by Joe Pulver.

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